How Remote Guarding Reinforces Security in Commercial Areas

Security guard scanning a customerSecurity has become an increasingly important part of businesses. With the rise of burglaries from both customers and employees, millions of dollars lost from it, and the safety concerns for everyone involved, companies must have some form of security measure present.

Remote guarding is one of the relatively new strategies on the market. Businesses work with security companies who install a variety of equipment and software around the commercial property. Some of these include security cameras, two-way audio systems, heat sensors, face recognition devices, and other technologies and software. These allow the security company to enforce security even from a remote area.

Developed Surveillance Strategies

When a crime occurs or a property is broken into, the intruder or criminal either triggers an alarm that sends a warning to the security company or gets caught by the surveillance camera. If the person is found to be a legitimate threat, security specialists monitoring the area via the camera feed use their two-way audio system to call out the criminal — thereby acting as a virtual security guard. If need be, the specialists can call the authorities to intervene.

Surveillance camera

This method is much more efficient in enforcing security since cameras can be positioned to watch every area in the property at all times. On-site security guards can only see the place where they are or the area they visit. Their absence in other parts of the building during a patrol of the grounds leaves a blind spot for crime to happen.

The security specialists monitoring the property are all trained professionals and can determine if they are looking at a potential threat.


Cost-Effective Security Solutions

Remote guarding is also more cost-effective than traditional security programs, allowing businesses to save 70 percent on expenses compared to paying for an on-site guard, says Galaxy Protection. Given the average cost of hiring a security guard, companies can expect a return on their investment within nine months. Despite the low investment requirement of remote guarding systems, it provides tighter security for commercial establishments.

Remote guarding provides businesses an effective means to deter crime and prevent internal theft. Businesses should look to the future and take advantage of these digital services, which will put their products, employees, and customers in safe hands.