Preparing Your Elders for Their Move to Senior Care Communities

seniors relaxing together with nurseThe decision has finally been made by your parents or grandparents to leave home in favor of senior care facilities. Whether the choice is easy or difficult for the family, there will always be some hitches to hurdle once the preparation begins. Here are a few helpful suggestions to make the transition a lot easier for your elderly loved one:

Choose Carefully

It’s tempting to choose the most affordable or the closest assisted living communities because they’re convenient. However, as Legacy House of Park Lane reminds, this will be your elders’ residence for a good part of their lives so you don’t need to rush the decision. Research all options — visit the site and speak with the staff. Bring your seniors along to your final choices and pay attention to their input. If you can arrange a temporary stay for them so they can be assured of their final selection, so be it.

Take Your Time

This applies to both you and your parents/grandparents. Be patient as they go through the necessary emotional episodes that letting go would most probably bring. Pay attention to their requests regarding their home and possessions, as these will help them adjust to the next stage of their life. Don’t rush them regarding any decision. You will find it easier to deal with your loved one if you become a pillar of support instead of a battering ram.

Ask for Assistance

Even superheroes need help and this goes double for you. Close relatives and friends are usually just a call or message away and can assist in moral support, downsizing, packing, and transportation. Of course, your elders should be aware of who’s helping them. After all, this requires cooperation and team effort.

Admittedly, you may have to also go through some sort of adjustment as your elders pack up and go. No matter how it will turn out, just remember to always be supportive of their move. Don’t forget to assure them that they will always be your beloved parents wherever they may choose to live.