An Important Question To Ask The Orthodontist In Glasgow

Woman with teeth painMost dentists are willing to offer their patients any information that they need to feel comfortable with their dental treatment. However, it can sometimes be tricky for people to know what questions to ask if they don’t already know something about their treatment. Below is one question that can lead to a whole range of discussion topics with the orthodontist in Glasgow.

An orthodontist in Glasgow, like Park Orthodontics, is someone who focuses on the alignment of a patient’s smile. They can create detailed treatment plans that achieve a number of different goals like closing gaps, rotating teeth, addressing jaw pain and so on. This is usually implemented using some sort of braces.

What brace are available?

Some people may not know that there are a variety of ways to straighten teeth at the orthodontist in Glasgow. The principle behind all methods is the same. They are designed to apply gentle pressure to the teeth is order to adjust their positions. The force required to straighten teeth needs to be firm and consistent. This can be achieved in a number of different ways including:

  • Fixed braces – these are affixed to the smile for the duration of the treatment. Brackets are placed on the teeth and these stay in the same positions throughout treatment although the dentist will make periodic adjustments to other parts of the braces. They can be attached to the front or the backs of the teeth depending on the patient’s preference;
  • Removable aligners – aligners are shaped a bit like a sports mouth guard, except that they are very thin and see-through. They are snug enough to fit over someone’s teeth and remain in position during normal activities like speaking. However, they are commonly removed for eating and at any other time when a patient wants to take their aligner out. They still need to wear their aligner for a minimum amount of time each day but, outside of this, they have complete control.

Choosing the right braces is one of the key steps in a teeth-straightening treatment. The method that someone selects depends on the type of work they need primarily and then on other factors like cost, aesthetics and personal preference.