An Overview of the Various Kinds of Grief

Woman in corner covering her faceUnfortunately, you are bound to experience grief in your life. This is because, at a point in your life, you are bound to lose someone dear to you through death. You should know that if grief is not dealt with in due time, it may significantly affect your quality of life.

Fortunately, most of the hospice care services in Indiana such as Center for Hospice Care, offer grief counseling services, thus you can opt to seek help from them.

They will not only establish the type of grief that you are suffering from, but they will also help you overcome it. That said, below are some of the common types of grief you may experience.

1. Anticipatory Grief

This is the kind of grief that you experience when it occurs to you that you are about to suffer a loss through death. A majority experience it when they have a loved one that has a terminal illness and is bound to die soon.

The typical reaction of a person suffering from this kind of grief is to either be too close to the terminally ill individual or keep a safe distance.

2. Absent Grief

This mostly occurs in individuals who tend to block their feelings towards a particular subject matter and act like everything is normal. In fact, in the case, someone tends to bring up the fact that they have lost a loved one they tend not to give attention to the statement.

This type of behavior displays denial. Unfortunately, the hidden sorrow will eventually find a way to manifest itself.

3. Chronic Grief

Grief becomes chronic when it is not dealt with promptly. Signs of it include the individual’s refusal to come to terms with what happened and the need to keep the memory of the departed individual alive. Such people will find it difficult to move on with their lives and will always be in pain.

Any grief can lead to depression and in extreme cases suicidal thoughts. It pays to seek the help of a qualified and experienced grief counselor to help you deal with the grief soonest. The best way to deal with loss is to face it and accept it.