Can Direct View LED Displays Improve the Cinematic Experience?

people inside a movie theaterThe recent CinemaCon in Las Vegas has served as a platform for movie theater businesses to showcase the recent trends and developments in the industry. For this year, the event introduced the idea of using direct view LED displays, which could mark a transition into the next generation of movie theaters. This will set them apart from those that use the traditional projectors.

New Cinematic Era

Otherwise known as Direct View or Active View, this new feature aims to improve the cinematic experience. Moreover, in the last 120 years, movie theaters have made progress by collaborating with companies that offer stadium-tiered seating and risers (where stadium seating are mounted). In fact, some of the seats in theaters today are based on the film’s depicted sequence and sound effects.

All these progress happened except for the traditional combo of using a projector and screen, which makes direct view displays a breath of fresh air in the industry. The only challenge for it to become mainstream, however, involves the high cost of installation. Still, the benefits of using them include more seats since it frees up space that would otherwise be taken up by the projector and screen.

This Year’s Trends

CinemaCon also unveiled other trends such as tech innovations that offer a personalized experience for movie-goers. For instance, myCinema’s alternative digital content allows companies to draw an audience during the lean season.

If you’re one of those who dislikes watching commercials before trailers, the Noovie Arcade preshow has been available in 1,650 U.S. theaters. This interactive entertainment works by downloading an app, which then connects to the big screen so you can play games while waiting for the start of the movie.

While direct view displays are costly, cinema operators should consider them as an alternative to make more money due to the idea of having more seating space inside theaters.