Ducted Air Conditioning Costs for the Home

Air-conditionersUsing integrated heating and air conditioning system makes sense for most homeowners. The same ducted system can be used for both heating and cooling systems. With an inverter system, the cost of ducted air conditioning and heating system in Sydney can be cheaper than discrete systems.

Ducted Systems

There are various types of air conditioning and heating systems. These depend on the size of the room, or if the owner wants individual controls. Single wall installed units are typically for small rooms, or houses which don’t require central heating.

Typically, in areas or climates where the temperature does not drop lower than 4 degrees Celsius, ducted air conditioning and heating systems which use heat pump inverters are not advised. Inverter systems do not work as efficiently in extreme conditions with freezing temperatures.

Ducted integrated heated systems are so called because these use air ducts to bring the heated or cooled air to the various rooms of the house. Also, there is only a single unit which provides cold or hot air depending on the requirements of the owner.

As the name implies, the inverter unit reverses cool and hot air. During hot days, heat is absorbed from outside the room or house, and cold air passes through the ducts to the various rooms. During cold days, the process is reversed. An easier explanation is when you walk past an air conditioning unit installed outside a building. Notice that it blows hot air from the unit onto the outside air.

Costs in Sydney

The costs of installing a ducted air conditioning and heating system depend largely on the size of the house. Other factors include the number of residents as well as any temperature controls or thermostats to create zones within the house. In terms of installing and operation, civil works costs depend on the materials used in building the house.

A ceiling cavity can also revise the costs. Roughly, installations can go from at least $5,000 for a small system, up to $10,000 for a three bedroom house, and upwards of $11,000 for a large home with four or more bedrooms.