Your Perfect Australian Beach Wedding in 3 Ways

Beach wedding venueA beach wedding can be both memorable and fun. The sun, wind, and sea add elements of beauty and wonder, giving a sense of joy and excitement to your wedding.

Australia has an abundance of beautiful beaches. With spectacular coastlines spanning over 35,000 kilometres, finding a venue to suit your taste would not be a problem. However, while beach weddings can be fun, there are additional details you have to tackle.

1. Plan your Guest’s Rides

In Sydney, it would be good to consider finding coaches for hire. Guests can board in the city and be taken to your venue, and they have the option to take the coach back to the city after the festivities or stay a bit longer. Making your guests travel by coach provides a convenient way for them to attend your wedding. Travelling by car can get a bit tiring and parking can be difficult if you have many guests.

2. Adjust to the Beach Setting

Consider an informal theme for your wedding. Formal wear doesn’t mix well with going barefoot, or the sun and wind. Dress yourself and your guests accordingly. If the venue is a bit windy, consider using a sound system. Strong winds can drown out words, so having a microphone and some appropriate wind shielding can make your ceremony clearer for everyone to enjoy.

3. Plan your Reception

If you’re having your reception by the beach, make sure everything can take the strong winds. Bolt down anything that can topple, and make sure your fixtures and sound systems won’t be affected by the environment. If there will be a lot of drinking, you should consider hiring a portable powder room or one of those upscale portable bathrooms.

Having a wedding at the beach can get a bit complicated, but the experience is festive and fun for everyone involved. Just a bit of planning is all it takes to make your perfect beach wedding a reality.