Getting the Right Braces in Liverpool

closeup of a girl wearing clear, metal bracesThere are so many different kinds of braces on the market these days that patients almost need an entire issue of Which? magazine to help them decide which ones are right for them. Thankfully, patients need to see a dentist to get their braces in Liverpool and a well-trained and experienced dentist will be able to guide them into choosing the ones that will work best for them, even if they are not the most glamorous braces.

Cosmetic braces in Liverpool

In the world of dentistry there are two categories of braces, braces for your health and cosmetic braces. Both deal with misaligned teeth. The former deal with misalignments that are going to lead to serious health issues if not dealt with, such as not being able to properly chew food. These are often available for children on the NHS. Cosmetic braces deal with teeth that don’t line up properly but that aren’t giving serious problems apart from not looking all that fantastic. Various dentists in Liverpool offer braces, including Liverpool Smile Studio.

Having braces treatment for these milder issues is not just about vanity however. When people have teeth that they feel good about, they tend to smile more. Smiling is a person’s most important non-verbal tool of communication; people respond to a good smile with warmth and a desire to help, so using cosmetic braces in Liverpool to get a good smile can do a lot for people’s social lives and careers.

Although postgraduate trained dentists are needed for the more serious and complex alignment issues, the mild to moderate variety can now be dealt with by cosmetic braces dentists. This is because the complex work of analysing how the teeth need to move can be done by the manufacturer with the information sent in by the dentist, who has been trained in how to fit the brand of braces and how to oversee the treatment process. Such brands include Six Month Smiles and Invisalign, which are two different kinds of straightening devices. Six Month Smiles uses brackets and wires to align the front six social teeth only. Invisalign uses clear removable aligners.