Why is White Space Important to Web Design?

Man planning his web designAre you looking for ways to improve your website?

Your site is a reflection of your brand and the image you want to project to your target audience. You’ll need to leverage all the design techniques and tools at your disposal to distinguish your company from the competition. One of the concepts to consider utilizing is negative space.

Web design experts from C1 Partners in Denver cite the following reasons to use white space.

Hierarchical Content

Your web page needs a clear hierarchy to make it easy for visitors to determine which sections are important or related to each other. This is when white space becomes important. This concept distinguishes navigation bars from the heading, the images from the video, and the text from the ads. The blankness increases or decreases the visibility of particular elements that appear on a website. The more or less space you put between an element and another makes it either stand out or recede to the background.

Balancing Sections

If you or the designers have a keen eye for detail, you’ll immediately identify even the slightest of differences on a page. White space allows the latter to reach a balance between the sections. It enables readers to associate certain sections with the content you put in them, whether it’s multimedia or text. This makes it easier for them to scroll and determine which parts are relevant to them and helps you direct them towards an action you want them to take.

Readable Text

If you rely on text for your web pages, you’ll need to make them readable and easy to scan. Chunks of paragraphs aren’t very appealing. Break these into shorter sentences with spaces in between each section. Segment them according to the information of each chunk. Doing so allows a visitor to scroll to parts that are relevant to them. The blanks surrounding the article also distinguish it from the rest of the page.

These are only some of the reasons for using negative space as a design technique. This concept allows for easy browsing and ranks each section according to their importance.