Swimming Pool Maintenance: Major Areas to Focus on

Man cleaning a swimming poolRegardless of the season, your swimming pool should always be sparkling clean, refreshing, inviting, and ready for use. Staying on top of your swimming pool maintenance schedule would save you from mistakes that will cost an arm and a leg.

Routine pool maintenance also protects you from frustrations and reduces the need to make emergency errands to the pool store for quick fixes. That said, here are some major areas you should always check during pool maintenance for your home in Allen, Texas.

Pressure Gauges

Learning how to read the pool filter pressure gauge and adjust it when it is not reading correctly will save you money. Upon installation, make your pool maintenance professional show you the recommended operating pressure of your pool. After that, check the gauge at least once every week. If you notice that the pressure has gone up by at least 10psi over and above the original marking, contact a professional for filter cleaning services.

The Equipment Pad

The regular inspection of the equipment pad is an effective way to safeguard your swimming pool area. This is because various elements are assembled around the equipment pad, including electricity, gas, water, and hazardous chemicals. The pad is meant to keep all the equipment at a level that is off the ground for safety purposes. Ensure that the pad has proper drainage and that no overgrown plant or shrubs are surrounding it. Additionally, see to it that your landscaping never blocks any vents on the heater or the pool pump.

Just like with your home or automobile, preventive maintenance goes a long way in minimizing the life-cycle costs of your swimming pool. Following the advice above will save you a hassle, time, and money. Note that none of it is difficult when you make it a habit.