Air Travel Advice for People Travelling with Powerchairs

Man on a powerchair crossing the streetHaving mobility issues is hardly a reason for someone to feel restricted when it comes to air travel. Airline travel is accessible for people using powerchairs and it just takes a fair amount of planning and preparation in order to ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible throughout their trip.

Powerchairs are a distinct type of wheelchairs, designed by companies like Karma Mobility. These chairs are powered by electric batteries, which can last for many days without the need to be recharged. Electric wheelchairs provide autonomy and can improve a patient’s quality of life significantly.

Planning is key

People with powerchairs who are planning to travel via airplane, should take into consideration some parameters before deciding on an airline. Each airline is obliged by law to inform the customer on their disability policies and provide as much information as possible on extra costs. Potential customers should also ask about bathroom accessibility, since this is not always a given for disable people on airplanes. Also, be aware that the battery of the powerchair will need to be disconnected before it goes into the airplane. Knowing how to disconnect it and re-connect it is very important and practice at home prior to the trip is highly recommended.

Assistance and transportation

Planning in advance will also allow wheelchair users to receive as much assistance as possible in the airport and while boarding. Most airlines can arrange for employees who are experienced in powerchair navigation and can offer assistance to the client from their arrival in the airport up to the boarding control and beyond. While powerchairs allow people to move independently, it is always a good idea to get help, as it can be quite challenging to move from one gate to another, especially in an unfamiliar setting such as a large airport. Last but not least, to reduce stress as much as possible, passengers can contact the airline in advance and arrange transportation ahead of time once they arrive at their destination.

Air travel made easy

Powerchair users can have a pleasant and comfortable air trip as long as they plan in advance. As such, there is no reason to avoid a much-deserved holiday.