Why It’s More Important to Focus on Electrical Product Safety Symbols

Hard hat with safety first tagBased on scientific research, electrical product manufacturers need to focus more on incorporating symbols due to their growing significance to an efficient labeling system.

While text, word format, and signal words are important, the use of symbols can better convey safety messages, whether it’s an electrical symbol for ground connections or warning symbols for hazardous products and machinery.

Symbolic Importance

Visual perception serves as one key reason using symbols can be a better approach for product safety labels. More than 70% of what we learn can be attributed to our eyes. Unlike text or words, a person’s brain is hardwired to process graphics more effectively.

It makes more sense that safety labels should use more symbols. The caveat, however, requires manufacturers to align their symbol-laden signs with updated standards and modern illustration guidelines. It should not neglect the two common elements found on most safety labels: a description of the hazard and a way to prevent it.

Decoding Symbols

The hazard symbols on product labels can be categorized into different groups. For instance, symbols that denote the importance of physical safety can use pictures of boots, gloves, and other protective gear in a high-risk work environment.

Make sure these product safety labels are noticeable around the job site, aside from being easy to understand even for a non-English speaker. This protects your company against lawsuits related to workplace accidents. A court may rule in your favor if your safety signs are clear and understandable for your workforce.

Symbols play an important role in improving safety in the workplace, as well as in complying with regulations on different products. Businesses that want to use more symbols should work with companies that can design and manufacture the right safety labels for their products.