The Process of Getting Dental Treatment Abroad

a man getting a dental treatmentIt’s completely understandable for people to want to have control over something as personal and important as their dental treatment abroad. It’s one thing for someone to put themselves in the hands of their local dentist or one that is recommended by a friend but something else entirely to be travelling to a different country where there could be language barriers and cultural differences.

That’s why many people use a liaison when they are considering dental treatment abroad. A company like Access Smile can provide someone with a complete treatment package that includes extras like accommodation in addition to treatment. They also provide detailed information about the process to help build the confidence of the patients that they work with. This includes details on each stage.


When someone is going to have dental treatment abroad, their journey often starts with a consultation at a clinic in the UK. This is where the company that they are working with can begin to gather data about their treatment needs. This is used to create a treatment plan and provide a quote for work.

Treatment Plan

The treatment plan includes all the appointments that are required to give the patient their new smile. It will let them know how many days they need to be abroad for and what will happen while they are there. If necessary, it could also provide details of any preparatory work that might be needed. This is usually completed before they travel. The cost of treatment is also determined at this point. Once someone has assessed the processes and costs involved, they can say yes to their treatment.


Many liaison companies will organise flights and accommodation for their patients. They also offer them the option to book their own services if they want to shop around for the best deals. Organising travel while having dental treatment abroad can be a chore so most companies will take care of everything, from airport transfers to travel to and from the clinic for each stage of the procedure.


All treatment is taken care of within one trip. This may include a few visits to a clinic in a country like Hungary. This is often faster than UK-based treatment.