Let There Be Light: Natural Light Boosts Employee Productivity

Well-lit office spaceA salary increase, travel benefits, and a nice boss — these are just some things that make employees happy and work harder. Did you know though that a simple (often ignored) office design feature can make or break employee’s happiness and productivity? One word: lighting.

Lighting Affects Productivity

Studies suggest that office lighting affects how motivated and productive your employees are at work; more importantly, their well-being. Too little light causes sleepiness and sometimes makes the eyes work twice as hard.

A 2018 research from Michigan State University also suggests that dim lights affect learning and memory. But too much or too harsh lighting also has a dark side. It causes eye strain and often, severe headaches. This is why researchers highly recommend maximizing natural light.

Well-lit spaces with natural elements promote creativity, a core value many businesses are striving to instill in their company culture. Natural light also reduces stress, as it enhances communication between brain areas responsible for managing anxiety.

In addition, studies show that employees who work in offices that have windows that let in natural light are healthier and more active, compared to those who work in windowless spaces.

For this reason, Michigan (MI) offices are getting windows and doors replacement parts; you, yourself, might want to consider switching to bigger windows that maximize natural light.

Let the Light In

There are many ways you can take advantage of natural light in your office space. The simplest is to work with your windows. Some window treatments are heavy fabrics that block sunlight. Choose sheer, light draperies.

You may also place mirrors opposite the windows. They will reflect light, giving that extra illumination to the space. If the layout of your office won’t allow placing mirrors opposite, you can try putting them near the window. This will result in an illusion of a larger window, allowing more light in.

Natural light plays an important role in your employee’s productivity. Make sure you take advantage of this free, easy-to-use feature in your office design.