Before Popping the Question: 3 Romantic Things to Say

a romantic proposalThe proposal is a big milestone in your relationship, so it makes perfect sense to prepare big for it. You have to get ready about what to say. Even if you’re in the most ordinary park bench or restaurant, holding the simplest-looking ring, you can make this thing a lot special just by your speech.

So, don’t just pop the question right away without some good build-up. Have some suave in it. Here are some things you can start with:

The First Time You Laid Eyes on Her​

Nostalgia brings extra sweetness, so reminisce the time you first saw your partner. Let your girl know what you felt. Was it excitement, eagerness, or shyness?

Be detailed in your narration as much as you can, as these small things can add color to your speech. From there, you can pop the question and pull out the ring. And it goes without saying that you should’ve picked the right ring. If you haven’t yet, it’s best to take a look at different stores in Utah offering diamond rings.

The Moment You Knew She’s It​

This is the easiest and best things to say before the big question. Let her know when you felt that your relationship isn’t just fun and games, that she’s really the one you’re going to spend your life with.
This could be emotional, probably the moment when you had to be apart for a while due to your careers or this could also be trivial, like that time when you were driving past your high school when you were showing her your childhood.

What You’re Doing at the Time​

Sometimes, it’s in the subtle—instead of the overly-romantic—words you say that makes the perfect intro to popping the question.

For instance, you’re eating your favorite pasta dish at your favorite restaurant. During a quiet moment, say something like: “I would love for us to keep coming back to this restaurant until we’re old and gray. Will you marry me?”

A good build-up before popping the question makes a difference. Keep in mind these things get you inspired for your proposal speech.