3 Lessons in Life Humans Can Learn From Animals

Various farm animals

Animals can impart to humans a number of important knowledge that can help them become better people and live better lives. Here are some lessons humans can learn from animals:

1. Prioritize proper rest

It can be easy to underestimate the value of rest and sleep in a time where people live a fast-paced life. Many have become too busy going places, meeting people, and accomplishing tasks that they neglect taking enough rest and ample hours of sleep at night. Animals do not have a strict schedule, but they do take heed of natural rhythms and cues. Even the pets that guard our house take much-needed rest.

2. Learn from the older generation

To survive, animals in the wild rely on older generations to relay information to the younger ones. In elephant herds, for instance, those with older matriarchs tend to have higher survival rates as elder elephants are capable of recognizing signs of drought and other natural disasters. Among humans, learning from elders and gaining wisdom from their experiences can help the younger generations move progressively forward.

3. Cooperate despite differences

An increasing number of therapists in AZ now employ equine assisted counseling services to treat people with autism and those with post-traumatic stress disorder. By interacting with horses, people can learn valuable skills such as the ability to listen. Horses do not speak, but they teach humans the value of interacting with people and other animals. Horses are social animals with defined roles in their herds. They also have distinct characteristics and are capable of feeling a range of emotions. Horses show respect and cooperate with other members of their herd for survival.

Animals can teach people so much about becoming a better individual. Our pets at home, for example, teach us the value of rest amid our busy schedules. Elephants in the wild teach the value of respecting the wisdom of the elders. Horses, on the other hand, show the importance of respect and cooperation regardless of their differences.