Keep Your Lawn’s Lush Look with These Useful Tips

Lawn with automatic sprinklerA lush, green lawn adds to any home’s appeal. You just need to know how to care for it to maintain its rich and healthy look. To help you achieve that, here are some tips you might want to think about:


Watering regularly will help keep your lawn healthy and attractive all season long. The frequency and amount of water, however, would vary on the type of soil, time, and weather. If your lawn is new, watering should be done at least once a day. This will help the seeds develop a solid root foundation.

To make sure you’re watering every area of your lawn, Utah Sprinkler noted that it’s best to install a good sprinkler system. Get in touch with a specialist in sprinkler installation services in Salt Lake City if you need help.


Mowing your lawn on a regular basis will not only make the grass grow thicker, it will also help reduce weed growth. For best results, identify the type of grass in your lawn and mow at the appropriate height. As a general rule, do not to cut more than one-third of the grass blade’s surface. If the grass is clumping after being cut, then mow when the lawn is dry.


The grass tends to lose its nutrients after being mowed. To achieve maximum grass growth, replace the lost nutrients with fertilizers. Some of the nutrients that grass needs are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. The ideal application schedule would be every four or five weeks at the start of spring.

A beautiful lawn can enhance your home’s curb appeal and even add to its market value (if you plan to resell your property in the future). With regular maintenance, you can keep the lush appearance of your lawn even as the grass endures the heat of the sun all day long.