3 Layers of Home Security You Should Know

secured home with high fenceThe issue of home security takes priority in many people’s minds, and rightly so. The increase in the number of home burglaries over the years has left most people looking for ways to make their loved ones and priced possessions at home safer. The most effective way is to use a layered approach. Here are three ways to go about it.

Deter the Attack

The first layer of home security involves convincing a criminal to seek a more attractive target somewhere else. Installing strong aluminum gates on your driveway, for instance, makes an intrusion look like too much work for a thief looking for quick entry into a home. Letting criminals know that there’s a loud yappy dog at home can also make your home an unattractive hit.

Delay the Intrusion

If your home is so unfortunate as to attract a determined criminal, then you want to delay their entry as much as possible. The idea is for you to have sufficient time to react to the danger. In this layer are such things as cameras, alarm systems, locks, and so on. Make sure that your doors have deadbolts, and that your windows have metal bars.

Defend Yourself

Most people focus too much on this layer of defense, but it really should be the last option. Still, you need to prepare to defend your loved ones physically should it come to that. This is where you invest in pepper spray, stun guns, baseball bats, firearms, or anything else that you can use in your defense. Make sure you’re trained on the use of some weapons before you handle them, especially when it comes to firearms.

Boosting your home’s security requires adopting a layered approach. Focusing too much on just one layer of security can leave you and your loved ones too vulnerable to attack.