Basic Devices and Items Your Clinic Will Need

Veterinary clinic must havesApart from the professional skills and training, various tools are fundamental to the success of a veterinary clinic. If you’re planning to open your very own business, take a look at some of the things you’ll need.


From medical and office materials to food and pet care items, the operations of a veterinary clinic are reliant on various supplies. Stock up on medical supplies, such as syringes, gauze, and surgical gloves and masks. Clerical-work-related items like prescription pads, vaccination cards, and mailing labels for veterinarians are also must-haves. Positive Impressions, LLC has blank mailing labels that vets can customize. You’ll likewise need food (wet and dry) and grooming supplies (soap, shampoo, etc.) to properly care for your inpatients.


At the most basic level, your clinic must be equipped with x-ray and ultrasound machines, and devices like sterilizers, defibrillators, ventilators, and incubators. In addition, you’ll have to get digital weighing scales, thermometers, telescopes, surgical and dental instruments, etc., for your clinic. A computer or two will also be needed to store and organize both medical and administrative records.


Finally, your clinic will also need some pieces of furniture. At the triage/reception/waiting area, there should be a desk or counter (where you can take basic information about the pets and conduct transactions) and chairs or benches (where the owners and pets can wait). In the clinic proper, the necessary pieces include examination or operating tables, medical chairs, instrument stands, medical carts, and cabinets for medicines and medical and surgical supplies.

Your skills and knowledge as a veterinarian are going to be vital to the success of your practice, and so are the tools for your operations.