3 Ways to Prevent Workplace Accidents

work placeAn average of 20 workers lose their lives each month while in their workplaces. 14% per cent of these fatalities are caused by falls from a height, while 10% result from being hit by falling objects.

Cotewell.com.au shares that as a business owner, preventing accidents in your workplace should be among your priorities if you are to avoid losing your best employees and costly litigation. These tips can help you make your workplace safer.

Install non-slip flooring

Industrial and commercial non-slip flooring can go a long way towards protecting your employees in the workplace from slip hazards. Find the best type of non-slip flooring, and have an expert install it in the workplace, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic. Learn about the various health and safety requirements that should be followed when choosing and installing flooring.

Educate your employees

Cultivate a safety standard among your management staff and employees by educating them about the benefits of following required safety measures in the workplace. Organise different kinds of training for workers based on their specialities and the machines that they handle. Ensure that all of them receive basic training on first aid, too.

Avail protection equipment

Make sure that your employees make use of personal protection equipment in different aspects of their work. Enforce rules when hiring and during meetings to ensure that this equipment is used correctly. Get supervisors to monitor the usage of this equipment and ensure that employees always have protective gear before accessing certain areas of a building. Each employee should undergo training on how to use safety shoes, goggles, hard hats, earplugs, and gloves, among others.

No matter the level of preparation you enforce in your company, accidents can still occur. When this happens, make sure that there is a strategy in place for getting medical care quickly.