How Good Are Southampton Dental Implants?

Woman looking at her teeth using a mirrorSouthampton dental implants are the latest generation of tooth replacement solutions. That makes them sound like they are brand new on the dental market, but these beauties have already been around for 30 years or more. However, in the last decade or so, they have reached critical mass in terms of availability and popularity and when looking at the advantages, it’s not surprising that they are most people’s first choice for tooth replacement.

There are several reasons why Southampton dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement these days, and are available from various dental practices, including Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic.

Chewing Function

Teeth are there to bite into and chew food. Dental implant-retained teeth are integrated with the jawbone and can chew just as hard as natural teeth. Nothing is off the menu when dental implants are doing the eating: steaks, roast potatoes, celery, nuts, it’s all fair game.

Clarity of Speech

Teeth also play a part in speech. They need to stay still so that the tongue can move against them. With dental implants, words are as clear as with natural teeth.

No Embarrassing Moments

Dental implants are firmly anchored into the jaw. They don’t wobble under pressure. Dentures can also be stabilised with dental implants to stop them sliding around in the mouth, or, heaven forbid, falling out just when they need to stay put. No one will ever know these are not natural teeth. Patients have even been on hot dates with lots of kissing and the person they are romancing has had no inkling they are being kissed by someone with dental implants.

A Healthy Jawbone

Without tooth roots, the jawbone starts to deteriorate, losing size and density very quickly as soon as there are no roots to transmit impact signals that tell the jawbone it is still in use. Dental implants fulfil this function and keep the jawbone looking as strong and healthy as ever, which aids in a youthful appearance.


Although the initial expense can be high, because dental implants last for at least 15 years, and sometimes a lifetime, over time, the cost can be equal to or cheaper than that of other restoration methods that need regular replacement.