Measuring Efectiveness: 3 Major Performance Indicators for Search Engine Optimization

SEO Metrics to Watch out forSearch engine optimization (SEO) takes a lot of time and effort. You have to invest heavily in the website design, content, keyword research, and audience mapping among other aspects. Once you are done, how do you know that you are getting the desired results? Key performance indicators (KPIs) help to prove success and show the value of strategies implemented. They are metrics used to measure the success of a campaign, and which you should use to hold any of the digital marketing companies in Virginia doing your SEO accountable. Below are three essential KPIs to explore.

Organic Traffic

One of the major rewards and a key performance indicator of effective SEO is organic traffic. It refers to the number of visits earned from appearing on the search engines. When a user visits the site, the actions they take before exiting is referred to as a session. One common way of measuring this is by using Google Analytics. You can use it together with other reporting tools to see how many sessions your site gets.

Increase in Ranking Keywords

The positioning of your keywords in the search engine results pages determines the click-through rate. Whenever a keyword jumps into a better position, there is an increase in the organic sessions experienced thus an increase in traffic. The number of ranking keywords can be monitored using different tools. While doing your research, ensure that you target high-value keywords. Combine local search optimization, target long-tail keywords, and also include long-term strategies to rank better and more.


When trying to attract users, there is always an objective. This may be increasing your customer base or boosting sales. When your leads increase, it means that more visitors are coming to your site. When they complete your desired action, it goes ahead to show that your intentions are bearing fruits. Generating leads and converting them into sales is an important aspect to measure. To better this performance, it is essential to have an easy to navigate the site and a clear call to action.

For each of the mentioned metric to get better, you have to remain consistent and engage in optimization throughout. This way there will be consistent growth, and none of the given KPIs will decline.