3 Effective Ways to Maintain Your AC System

Technician fixing the HVAC unitHVAC systems require proper maintenance to operate at their optimum level. Regular maintenance is also important to detect possible faults and perform the appropriate corrective action. One may adopt a maintenance schedule that is performed every few months.

Here are some of the HVAC maintenance practices you should adopt:

1. Check the AC wiring

Because of running non-stop, an Ac unit may overheat. The result is melted wire lines or burnt fuses leading to a breakdown of the unit. It is inadvisable for an unskilled person to try to repair it. Instead, contact one of the AC repair experts in Knoxville, TN. The professionals will come to your home or office and run a test to identify the faulty components. They will then repair or replace the faulty parts to ensure that your unit is back to its normal working condition as soon as possible.

2. Condenser unit fan

Sometimes, the fan is clogged by dirt and leaves due to exposure to the elements. The dirt tends to hinder the fan from rotating effectively. During the maintenance schedule, switch off the power source and then check the condenser unit fan to see if there are any signs of dirt buildup or tear. Old models may require the lubrication of the bearings to reduce friction between the moving parts.

3. Clean the outdoor AC unit

Often, the outdoor AC unit is installed on the ground. Over time, vegetation such as weed, grass, and flowers may grow around the outdoor unit. Such plants tend to choke it because they keep the unit from taking in air from the surroundings. To avoid that, always take the time to clear any unwanted plants growing around the unit.

The level of maintenance given to an AC unit influences its performance and durability. Owners should always ensure that their system is maintained regularly throughout the year. That allows for the early detection and repair of any faulty component.