Things to Consider for Wood Engraving

pieces of wood for engravingA majority of people are familiar with laser engraving on brick. However, according to AP Lazer, laser engraving is such a versatile process and can involve other materials such as wood. Wood is a naturally-occurring material, and it could possess some inconsistencies that make engraving a hard task. Furthermore, there are different wood types that you can engrave on. This requires you to know how to handle the different types. When choosing wood as the material to use in your laser engraving project, here are important things to consider:

Species of the Wood

Not all wood species are ideal for engraving, with some of them offering better results than others. Some of the ideal wood species to use include maple, cherry, and alder.

Minimal Streaks in the Wood

Streaking on wood creates beautiful art or even elegant furniture pieces. However, wood pieces with streaks are not the best pieces for your engraved artwork. The streak will make the engraving process hard and affect the general engraved look. Wood with fewer streaks and consistent grain is ideal for engraving.

Lighter Wood

When making preparations for engraving on wood, the color of your engraved wood piece mimics the original wood color. Therefore, look at the wood color to determine the desired color of the engraved piece. Lighter wood offers more visibility and better finishing than their darker counterparts.

Resin Content in Wood

The resin content in wood determines whether wood burns darker or lighter. Wood with a high amount of resin burns to create a dark look, while wood with less resin burns minimally. You can test for the expected result on a small piece before starting your project.

Besides choosing the right wood for laser engraving, you need to use quality engraving equipment for quality results. The machine should allow you to engrave words, photos, logos, and any customized art. Laser engraving on brick or wood allows you to create unique pieces with high value.