Understanding the Advantages of Concrete as a Flooring Material

Worker covering the floor with cementWhen it comes to construction materials, concrete is the most popular material because it has certain qualities that make it sustainable for the duration of the project. In modern homes, concrete floor with reinforcing mesh has been used for basements, garages, utility areas and patios due to its versatility. You can have it polished, stained or etched; it does not matter, the material will bend to your creative will.

Qualities that Make Concrete a Viable Floor Material

In the past, people used to think that concrete is only good for driveways and sidewalk. Its grey and dull surface makes it suitable just for limited applications where strength is the primary consideration. However, developments in mixing and setting have achieved a variety of effects that make concrete a viable option when it comes to flooring material.


The durability of concrete is a well-established fact that warehouses used it as their main flooring material. It can withstand pressure from cars, trucks, forklifts and other heavy items, such as crates. In residential flooring where less pressure is expected, the same durability serves where only high heels, heavy furniture and pet claws can try to scratch the concrete surface.

Ease of Maintenance

Making a concrete floor look its best requires only a little cleaning. You only need to seal or wax it every three months if it endures a little bit of traffic. Other than that, regular mopping will do to maintain its surface.

Aesthetic Flexibility

Installers can mix the colour into the concrete to attain some effects before the slabs are fixed. If you already have a floor installed, staining it with dye or painting it with waterproof paint will achieve the same effect. During the installation process, you can decide whether to make it smooth or have a decorative pattern that you can mould in.

These qualities make concrete an ideal option for those who want affordable and sustainable floors. It can work well with other materials or be used on its own.