Pursuing a Career in Real Estate? Factor These Things In

a licensed real estate agentEvery profession in the world has its own challenges and perks. Not one of them comes easy, especially at the start.

This holds true in the real estate industry, as well. Working in real estate means you have to have knowledge of the economy, the housing market, and, essentially, the psychology of your potential clients. If you are set to be a real estate agent, do your research first – and do it intensively.

Additionally, a blog entitled “Rookie Corner: Avoid These Three Real Estate Mistakes,” published online by PropertyAccess Philippines, says that it will also help if you learn from the mistakes of other people in the industry.

Know the Laws

This is not to say memorize the Constitution. But, it is crucial for you to know the real estate laws of the place where you plan to work.

The Philippines, for example, has the Republic Act 9646. This Act orders the establishment of the Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service that administers and oversees the real estate services in the country. RA 9646 also encompasses the rules on taking licensure examination, administration of identification card, and punishments and fines of violators.

Be Many Things

A real estate agent should be skilled in many things. One moment they are a salesperson, the next they are a consultant, then an analyst, then a bidder, then a marketer.

At times, they can also assume the role of an appraiser or a clerk. If you enter this profession, you will also have to work more than just forty hours a week, albeit, outside an office cubicle.

Value Your Clients

A real estate agent’s best asset is their reputation. If you don’t have credibility, clients may be reluctant to ask for your help. Remember, they are looking for an investment and they don’t want to work with someone they can’t trust. While you are in the early stages of your career, work hard to build relationships with your first clients, even with the difficult ones.

Don’t be just your client’s agent. You should also be their trusted adviser. It’s important that you give them options so they won’t feel like you’re pushing them in just one direction.

Like with any other big plans, you can’t just dive into a career without carefully weighing all the possibilities. But, if you really want to be a real estate agent, it will not do you any harm to ask experts questions and learn from them. Then, along the way, you will learn, too…but with the commission as the fruit of your learning.