Business Marketing: 4 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Promotional Products

BrandGetting tired of the same old promotional ideas your company has been using for years? Why not come up with fresh and unique concepts that will improve your market reach and brand recall.

You could distribute plenty of business promotional gifts to make this happen and here are some of them:


This is more than just the normal laminated bookmarks. Instead of going for the typical material, why not try using leather and be more creative with the things you put into it. You may try putting puzzles, magnifying glass or other designs that will make your company stand out among the rest.


Another great and wearable item you could use to promote your brand is the wristband. For people who love accessories, you could use this item to let them remember you. In addition, wristbands are great items you could experiment with. You could go for rubber, leather and other materials, as well as use a variety of styles for it.

Phone Accessories

Since smartphones are popular these days, why not come up with promotional items that people could use on their phones. Items such as headphone wraps, case or cable organiser would certainly be a hit. Most people use their phones practically every hour, so having your brand printed on these items would increase brand awareness.

Mugs (or Cups)

There has been an increase in popularity of statement cups and uniquely shaped mugs. So, instead of just the usual type of mugs, you may now use mason jars, mood mugs that change colours when hot or even writable coffee cups. You may practically experiment with any style or design with your mugs, cups and drinking jars.

Consider using these ideas the next time you think about promotional gift items. By doing so, you are sure to drive enough engagement and awareness to your brand.