Temperature Tempers: Why You Get Hot-Headed When It’s Hot

an angry manHave you ever wondered why people get so worked up when temperatures go up? Think about it: road rage incidents often happen in the summer and throwing a fit comes easy when the AC is broken.

There’s something about the heat that makes people snap easily. Apparently, it’s more than the discomfort. Here’s what science says:

The heat makes the body more alert

As temperature rises, the body temperature increases and the heart rate speeds up. This happens because the body is trying to cool itself off to keep an optimal internal temperature. AC repair experts in Utah explain that this state can be a precondition for aggressive behavior. What’s interesting here is that you’re not too aware of the increased alertness of the body. In fact, you’re more likely to feel drowsy and sluggish under the heat.

So, imagine what a dangerous combination that is: an energized body ready for aggression and a mind that has less awareness of it. If you could stay indoors when it’s hot, you probably can avoid road rage incidents.

The heat messes up with the brain

Apparently, the term “hot-headed” is real. During hot climates, the body directs more blood to the skin surface to cool off. This means there’s less oxygen in the brain. You’re not able to control behavior effectively at this state. This doesn’t mean you have the license to snap at anyone, though. While you can’t easily control these biological functions, you can do something about the surroundings that prompt these effects on the body.

Keep yourself cool. If you notice leaks or strange sounds from your cooling unit, call the AC repair specialists immediately. Don’t let those problems add to the stress of dealing with the heat.

The heat makes you dehydrated

You lose a lot of body fluids with excessive sweating when you’re under the heat. As you know, dehydration causes light-headedness, confusion, and fatigue. All these can mess with how you manage emotions and behavior. You may be more at risk for dehydration when you’re suffering from chronic conditions, such as diabetes or kidney disease.

Keep your body hydrated during the hot days, especially when you’ll be spending time outdoors. It’s best to bring a bottle of water every time you go out.

Is the heat making you cranky? It’s not you; it’s your body. Keep calm and cool by staying indoors as much as possible and hydrating more often.