Creatives Who Love Business: 3 Entrepreneurial Ideas for Them

Creatives creating business ideasCreatives have an unpopular rap. Many think that they are people who do not care about money and just want to make art or any creative output. Contrary to this, creatives have the potential to become great entrepreneurs, especially if they know their strengths too well.

If you are a creative planning to venture into business, you need to know your capabilities and how to make them marketable. Regardless, there are many options to choose from as far as ventures and business ideas are concerned. If you are considering this seriously, here is a quick guide that will help you arrive at a decision:

A Gallery

Love painting, sculpting, photography, and other forms of studio arts? You may want to start a gallery. You can sell your own works here or be a mediator between the buyer and other artists. Aside from funding, you need to invest well in the network. Make your presence known by having your works displayed in major galleries and exhibits — that’s where you can find the right people to work with.

A Design Studio

If you are a digital art specialist, an art director, or a graphic designer, you may be dreaming of having your own firm. You may start small with a design studio. You may specialize in branding first, which includes logo and packaging designs. Once your business is stable, you may branch out to digital advertising and other related works.

A Shirt Shop

A lot of creatives are fashion-savvy, and you may leverage on that by starting a clothing shop. This could be about your signature style, but if you’re planning to go for a specific niche, you can always find a company that offers screen printing franchise.

These are just some of the ventures and career paths that creative may take. You may come up with a hybrid or a unique business idea — after all, you are a creative.