4 Last-Minute Party Costume Ideas to Try

man in wild west costumeOnly got a couple of days to doll up for an upcoming party? Don’t worry. There are plenty of looks you could try and recreate without spending a lot. You just need to be creative and spare some time to bring these costumes into life. Get all glammed up by trying any of these ideas:

A Look Back to the Wild West

Get ready to unleash the inner cowboy or girl in you for this first costume inspiration. Bring out your plaid shirt, fringe jacket, frontier pants, and western boots. To complete your look, you can buy a decent set of straw cowboy hats. A.A. Callister noted that these are for sale and available in any old Western shop.

The Great Gatsby Glamour

If you’re deeply enthralled towards the glam and sophistication of 1920s socialites, then a costume inspired by the film The Great Gatsby might just be the best idea for you to follow. For this, you could DIY your props and costume. All you have to do is add some glitz and sparkle on your wear and make sure it’s glamorous enough.

Pose as Your Favorite Drink

Turn your favorite latte drink or frappe into an awesome costume. The next time you head off to the nearest coffee shop, be sure you get a good look of your drink so you could recreate it. It’s unique and fairly simple to do. You could just use some cardboard boxes and use your creativity to come up with the best costume.

Be That Kid From Stranger Things

If you’re a fan of this critically acclaimed Netflix series, Stranger Things, this is your chance to transform into your favorite character. All you need is a 1980s getup and you’re set to become Will, Eleven, Steve, Nancy, or Jonathan. You may also recreate some other notable elements in the series, like the Demogorgon or the alphabet wall.

When it comes to party costumes, there are plenty of ideas you could try. Be it last-minute or not, you could certainly come up with something. You just need to be creative and spare some of your time to bring these concepts to life. Of course, you need to have the confidence to wear it so you could flaunt it to everyone at the party.