How to Eliminate Toxins in Your Home

Wife cleaning living roomAs a parent, one of your main priorities is to make your home safe for your loved ones. While there are many sources of toxins in homes, making your home healthier doesn’t have to be expensive.

According to the CDC, indoor air often contains more pollutants than outdoor air. So how can you limit your family’s exposure to toxic chemicals? Here are some tips for reducing the level of toxins in homes:

An Efficient Fireplace

Switch to a more efficient furnace that emits fewer toxins. Ask a gas fireplace restoration expert like Uintah Fireplace and Design to replace your wood fireplace if you already have a gas line. Burning wood can emit toxins, such as benzene, formaldehyde, and arsenic, which can harm you and your family. Replacing your wood fireplace with a gas or an electric one presents a healthier and more efficient option for heating.

Dust Regularly

Dust is a primary source of toxins that can be harmful, especially to children and people with allergies. Keep dust away from your home by mopping regularly. You can implement other measures, such as adding a doormat and taking off shoes at the door. You should also vacuum rugs and upholstery frequently to prevent dust buildup.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Most of the chemicals used for cleaning homes contain toxins that can be harmful when inhaled or ingested. Use soaps or detergents that contain ingredients that have been approved by the FDA. Also, reduce the usage of bleach and air fresheners unless it is necessary.

Protecting your loved ones from harmful toxins can be done by implementing the tips above. Just make sure to complement them by installing smoke detectors and other devices to help you know when the levels of toxins are high in your home.