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What Are the Benefits of Dentist CPD?

October 10, 2018

It is no small feat keeping up to date with the continuing advances in dentistry, the march of technology never seems to slow. On top of all of that are changes in regulations and rules imposed by the NHS, as well as ever-changing patient expectations. This makes a dentist CPD […]

Dental Implants

Dental implants in North London: a guide for nervous patients

October 10, 2017

For some people, going to the dentist can be an anxious time and they may even put off dental treatment. It is not uncommon to be nervous about visiting the dentist, especially if patients happen to be visiting for dental implants. Dental implants in North London are a good tooth […]

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Dental Implants: A Procedure with Lasting Benefits

August 10, 2017

The fitting of dental implants after tooth loss is always being improved upon. Having properly started in the 1960s, it is now a routine procedure, adapted to the patient’s individual needs, that can provide a lifetime of oral health improvement.For people in Sutton Coldfield dental implants are a natural-looking and […]

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Benefits of Invisible Braces in Leeds

July 11, 2017

Everyone wants a beautiful smile but not all people are born with perfect teeth. Crooked, crowded, gapped and misaligned teeth can affect a person’s self-confidence and cause embarrassment in various social situations. Luckily, it’s never too late to do something about it. When considering what type of braces to get, […]

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Dental Health Facts that You May not Be Aware Of

July 4, 2017

There are people who keep on postponing their dental visit. Instead of consulting with their dentist, they prefer to ask their friends for remedies. They only come to their dentist when they have a pressing dental problem that needs immediate attention. The following are some interesting, but little-known dental health […]