Man on a powerchair crossing the street

Air Travel Advice for People Travelling with Powerchairs

July 4, 2018

Having mobility issues is hardly a reason for someone to feel restricted when it comes to air travel. Airline travel is accessible for people using powerchairs and it just takes a fair amount of planning and preparation in order to ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible throughout their […]


Three Interesting Facts About the Holy Land

January 17, 2018

You have been longing to go to the Holy Land, and now, you have finally booked LDS Holy Land tours. You are all excited to begin your journey, as you have been dreaming of it for as long as you can remember. But before you hop on the plane and […]


How Are You Going to Spend Your Christmas Holidays?

December 8, 2017

Have you decided yet how you will be celebrating Christmas this year? Will you go out and spend the holidays celebrating over buffet and wine in a fancy restaurant? Or will you just stay at home and do the cooking yourself? Whatever you think of doing, let these tips guide […]